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How I found the FREEDOM and COURAGE to follow my Creative Calling and live my life in FLOW.

Calling all entrepreneurial artists and other professionals who rely on creativity in order to thrive:

  • Do you have a creative calling that remains so illusive that sometimes it hurts?
  • Do your projects get stuck at the 85% solution?
  • Are you so burnt out or overwhelmed that you've begun to question your WHY?
  • Are you the next influencer, but fear makes it too hard to put yourself out there, or makes it too hard to try?

I will show you how to have a creative


using proven techniques that are fun, simple, and easy enough for ANYONE to do.

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Your Course Milestones Include:

  • Connection to your Higher/Future Self
  • Disempowerment and transformation of your Inner Critic
  • Clarify your Big Creative Vision and define your most immediate next steps or actions
  • Master an easy art technique that will simultaneously get you out of your head, connected to your Creative Source, and able to creatively problem solve ANY TIME YOU NEED TO.

....all using fun and simple techniques that are easy enough for anyone to do.


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That will change your creative process forever!

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You'll Receive...

  • 19 beautiful videos featuring clear, easy-to-follow instructions;
  • A 50 page practice guide and journal;
  • Four modules designed specifically to address limiting self talk and beliefs; disempower the inner critic; clarify your creative vision; and get you out of your head and reconnected to your Creative Source;
  • Six amazing art prompts that will connect you to your Creative Source; channel and clarify your big creative vision; and guide you with specific action steps;
  • Two powerful art processing techniques that will source the Deep Inner Wisdom in your artwork, and provide you with new ideas and direction.
  • An Advanced Practice bonus section that will show you how to apply these techniques to any area of your life.
  • Your Second Bonus includes Letting Go: A Transformational 5-Minute Daily Ritual and 15-page practice guide.
  • A self-paced format allows you to choose: complete the course as a retreat, a 4-week course, or something in between....whatever works for you!

You'll use proven techniques that are fun, simple, and easy enough for ANYONE to do. 


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For Prosperity and Personal Growth

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You'll Open 2 Flow

Using fun and simple techniques that are informed by art therapy, positive psychology, neuroscience and yoga wisdom teachings.

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"Jodi helped me define my ideal client, raise my vibe, and strengthen my relationship with my Higher Self...all while helping me clarify my brand. Her techniques were by far the most interesting and effective that I've ever experienced."

Jax Anderson, the Psykotherapist
Professional Counselor, Photographer, and Solo Entrepreneur

Hi, I'm Jodi Rose

and my mission is to empower creative people just like you to achieve lasting personal change and breakthrough professional insight so that you can fulfill your vision and be the best gamechanger, influencer, artist and/or entrepreneur that you can be.
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"I will show you how to develop the FREEDOM and COURAGE to live in Fierce Creative Flow. "

Jodi Rose
Artist, Author, Art Therapist, Yogi, Coach

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